rotor system

rotor system
ксм. роторная система, система с несущим винтом; верт. система несущих винтов

Englsh-Russian aviation and space dictionary. - M.: Military publishing house USSR Ministry of Defence. . 1974.

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  • rotor system types — There are three types of rotors: rigid, semirigid, and fully articulated. In a rigid rotor, the blades are free to change pitch but otherwise are made as rigid as possible. The blades of rigid rotor have no hinges that allow them to flap or drag …   Aviation dictionary

  • ROTOR — was a huge and elaborate air defence radar system built by the British Government in the early 1950s to counter possible attack by Soviet bombers. The system was built up primarily of war era radar systems, and was used only shortly before being… …   Wikipedia

  • dual-rotor system — A system of helicopter rotors in which there are two counter rotating rotors driven by coaxial drive shafts …   Aviation dictionary

  • Rotor Ship — A Rotor ship, also known as a Flettner ship, is a ship designed to use the Magnus effect for propulsion. The Magnus effect is a force acting on a spinning body in a moving airstream, which acts perpendicularly to the direction of the airstream.… …   Wikipedia

  • Rotor — may refer to:In engineering: *Helicopter rotor, the rotary wing(s) of a rotorcraft such as a helicopter *Rotor (electric), the non stationary part of an alternator or electric motor, operating with a stationary element called the stator. *ROTOR,… …   Wikipedia

  • rotor — [rōt′ər] n. [contr. of ROTATOR] 1. any of various rotating mechanical parts; specif., a) the rotating part of a motor, dynamo, etc.: cf. STATOR b) in the distributor of a gasoline engine, the part that momentarily connects each spark plug wire to …   English World dictionary

  • Rotor machine — In cryptography, a rotor machine is an electro mechanical device used for encrypting and decrypting secret messages. Rotor machines were the cryptographic state of the art for a brief but prominent period of history; they were in widespread use… …   Wikipedia

  • Rotor-Projekt — Die CLI (Common Language Infrastructure) ist ein ISO/IEC/ECMA Standard, der Systeme spezifiziert, die sprach und plattformneutrale Anwendungsentwicklung und ausführung ermöglichen. Momentan aktuell ist die Version 4 des Standards vom Juni 2006.… …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • rotor — /roh teuhr/, n. 1. Elect. a rotating member of a machine. Cf. stator (def. 1). 2. Aeron. a system of rotating airfoils, as the horizontal ones of a helicopter or of the compressor of a jet engine. 3. any of a number of tall, cylindrical devices… …   Universalium

  • rotor — /ˈroʊtə / (say rohtuh) noun 1. Electricity the rotating member of a machine (opposed to stator). 2. Aeronautics a system of rotating aerofoils, usually horizontal, as those of a helicopter. 3. Machinery the rotating assembly of blades in a… …  

  • rotor — i. A system of rotating airfoils whose primary function is to produce lift (e.g., propellers and helicopter rotors). ii. The portion of a turbine or compressor that spins. iii. A rotating disc or drum to which a series of blades are attached (e.g …   Aviation dictionary

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